Tic Tac Toe using Angular and MobX

What is MobX? MobX solves the problem of state management in frontend apps, in a declarative, simple and performant way. It differs from other popular solutions by removing a lot of boilerplate, and allowing you to work with mutable data and OOP. The best way to explain how it works… »

Introducing BDSM

(Based on a true story) We had a problem The frontend team was way way (way) ahead of the server team. More than half the APIs we needed weren't done and the delays kept piling on. And this wasn't new either, as the backend teams meticulously labor on each API,… »

Quick add React Component to Webstorm

-- By: @BorisDinkevich What what? tl;dr; Config WebStorm for super fast React Component file addition One of the better practices in React is breaking our view to as many reusable components as possible. To make the test a bit easier, we can set WebStorm to auto generate React Component… »

Why do small frontend teams fail?

-- By: @BorisDinkevich tl;dr; Are managers still unwilling to accept the nightmare that is frontend dev in 2016? In the past few months, a week has not passed without me hearing of another company whose frontend project is late, broken, running way over budget, or just plain grotesquely underperforming.… »

SVG in Angular 2

If you just tried using SVG naively in Angular2, you will get weird errors, such as: main.bundle.js:27686 EXCEPTION: TypeError: Cannot set property r of #<SVGCircleElement> which has only a getter in [radius in [email protected]:26] Here are a few tips for building SVG components… »

The definitive guide to choosing the Best JS Framework

By: @Boris Dinkevich To truly compare the available JS frameworks, we have carefully compiled and analysed all the data available online on the subject of JS frameworks. We tested various methods of comparison, and believe we found the most promising metrics when choosing your next framework are: Letter and syllables… »

Angular Dependency Injection. And Dolphins

Have you ever found yourself asking: should I use a value? a factory? a service? a provider?! Rules of thumb Ask yourself 3 questions: Do I need to inject it in the config phase? Does it have dependencies? Am I a dolphin? Then reduce which type of service you need… »

Running Travis CI unit tests using Google Chrome

tl;dr How to make Travis CI run tests on Google Chrome instead of PhantomJS by @MaayanGlikser Why you should run your tests in Google Chrome Setting up Travis to work with PhantomJS is easy and fast however it makes more sense to run tests against a browser your users… »