Browser Console Tricks #2

Browser console is a powerful tool, and sometimes we are not aware of its features, despite our every day use of it. Let's go through some useful tricks that can make you a bit more productive. #1 $0 – last inspected element Have you ever wanted an easy way to check… »

UI-Router And Case-Sensitive URLs

If you've ever encountered a situation where your URLs suddenly redirect to 404 when typed in all uppercase (if you haven't, you should check your application for this issue anyway, because sometimes users do weird things like that), there is a simple solution. Starting with version 0.2.11 of… »

Browser Console Tricks

As web-developers, we spend a lot of time using browser developer tools. But some of us are not aware that this tool is way more powerful than we think. Today I'll show you some simple, useful and cool tricks that you can start using right away. All of the examples… »

Introducing the angular-modal-progress-bar

Sometimes you want to show a more informative progress bar than just a thin YouTube-style line (see angular-loading-bar), but either you cannot or do not want to calculate the real progress. If you know the approximate time it should take to process a request, you may find our angular-modal-progress-bar useful.… »

On CoffeeScript and ES6

The ECMAScript 6 specification is approaching its approval, and with it are a number of great features. Should we stop writing CoffeeScript altogether and start using the upcoming ES6? It appears that it is still too early to put CoffeeScript in its grave. There is still something that makes CoffeeScript… »