Understanding Angular2

-- By: @BorisDinkevich tl;dr; What does <div [x]="3" (y)="z()" /> mean? The usual reaction for developers taking a look at the new Angular2 is: WTF? Luckily, it will take us only a few minutes to understand what the developers of Angular2 were thinking. If you haven't… »

Using ReactJS with AngularJS

-- By: @BorisDinkevich tl;dr; How does ReactJS work in AngularJS? - A step-by-step tutorial. The best way to follow the tutorial is by opening the initial codepen and adding/modifying stuff as you go along. First codepan: http://codepen.io/borisd/pen/waVJZW AngularJS on a page Let's start… »

Using Browserify To Enhance Your AngularJS Tests

Why Reusing code between Protractor and unit-tests Using transpilers, like Babel, to allow ES6 code inside tests Using node modules, like faker and factory-girl Problem: Protractor & Jasmine require different API Say you have defined a mock for your user object: // user.mock.js function UserMock() { this.name = 'john doe';… »

Is ReactJS faster than AngularJS?

-- By: @BorisDinkevich tl;dr; No. Hard to believe? Most developers and decision-makers take it for granted that ReactJS offers high performance and incredible speed much better than other frameworks like AngularJS and EmberJS. It has gotten to the point that no one even questions things like this: (Source) But… »

AngularJS and Rails

There are many ways to combine a single page AngularJS app with Rails, and many things to consider. I will list a few methods and describe why we prefer a particular method over other options. Client Development Use gulp / grunt Don't use assets pipeline to serve client code Don't mix… »

Browser Console Tricks #2

Browser console is a powerful tool, and sometimes we are not aware of its features, despite our every day use of it. Let's go through some useful tricks that can make you a bit more productive. #1 $0 – last inspected element Have you ever wanted an easy way to check… »

UI-Router And Case-Sensitive URLs

If you've ever encountered a situation where your URLs suddenly redirect to 404 when typed in all uppercase (if you haven't, you should check your application for this issue anyway, because sometimes users do weird things like that), there is a simple solution. Starting with version 0.2.11 of… »

Grunt vs Gulp

First, a short intro. Both Gulp and Grunt offer the same service to us developers. They act as build systems for javascript projects but can both be used in a much wider range. An example of the rule of a build system in an AngularJS project might be: 1. Compile… »