Unlock the Power of Built-in Angular Providers

Angular ships with a collection of 25 built-in services. Thirteen of them are registered as providers, which means that we can configure them before they are instantiated for the first time. Configuring some of these providers can have a real impact on our application performance and behavior. Let's explore some… »

Browser Console Tricks

As web-developers, we spend a lot of time using browser developer tools. But some of us are not aware that this tool is way more powerful than we think. Today I'll show you some simple, useful and cool tricks that you can start using right away. All of the examples… »

Really?! You can do that with promises?!

We use promises all the time (especially on our girlfriends). Code with heavy use of promises tends to get clumsy on occasions. Usually there are elegant ways to do things with promises, but some programmers are just not aware of them. I'll demonstrate via use cases. The solutions are hidden… »

Better view code in AngularJS

View code tends to get messy and not reusable. Here are some tactics to make your view code more readble, testable, reusable and less prone to errors: 1. Isolated directives Directives are the most common way to reuse view code in AngularJS. To make a directive very reusable, make sure… »

AngularJS quick tip #2 : Catch Internal Exceptions

We don't like to see our console painted in red. But when AngularJS throw an exception, we can't catch it unless we patch the source code (and we don't want to it..). So how can we catch Angular internal exceptions? Read on.. Peeking into the AngularJS source code reveals that… »

AngularJS quick tip #1 : ng-class

Intro The ng-class core directive makes dynamic css classes easy and straightforward. In conjunction with ng-repeat, we can create dynamic HTML templates by choosing the right css class based on model attributes. ng-class The ng-class directive accepts a hash (javascript Object) where the keys are the names of the css… »

Introducing the angular-modal-progress-bar

Sometimes you want to show a more informative progress bar than just a thin YouTube-style line (see angular-loading-bar), but either you cannot or do not want to calculate the real progress. If you know the approximate time it should take to process a request, you may find our angular-modal-progress-bar useful.… »

On CoffeeScript and ES6

The ECMAScript 6 specification is approaching its approval, and with it are a number of great features. Should we stop writing CoffeeScript altogether and start using the upcoming ES6? It appears that it is still too early to put CoffeeScript in its grave. There is still something that makes CoffeeScript… »